what we do

At Shadowfox, we create unique, contemporary art. Every piece is original, built and painted by the artist.

Limited Pieces. No Prints.

We maximize the value of our collectors investment. 


Working with both emerging and established artists, we connect collectors to a network of creativity. In our downtown gallery, we showcase unique works including painting, sculpture and drawing by amazing emerging talent, offering an opportunity to invest in an artist early on in their career.

How We Got Here

Shadowfox was founded by Jason Pancoast in 2012, while studying architecture at the University of Oregon. Combining years of art history and classical training with newly discovered artistic technology, Pancoast created shadowboxes from his drawings, inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, Shadowfox raised funds to purchase a laser cutter. After several years at the Eugene Saturday Market, Country Fair, and multiple festivals, we opened a gallery/cafe in Downtown Eugene in 2015.

more than art

Shadowfox is more than art. We aspire to enrich the world around us. Our line of up-cycled earrings are an example of our commitment to the values of our community. We also engage locally by offering design services. A prime example of this being our contract with St. Vincent de Paul: we design and manufacture their earrings, cut from used vinyl records. 

We also value simplicity and lists, so here's a list of our products and services:

  • Hand built Shadowboxes
  • Wood Sculptures
  • Up-cycled earrings
  • Wooden pendants
  • Lanterns and Light Pendants
  • Design services
  • Laser Cutting / Manufacturing Services 
  • Free High-fives and hugs

Where To Find Us

Shadowfox - 76 W. Broadway, Downtown Eugene

Eugene Saturday Market (April - November) - You can find our booth every Saturday throughout the season. The exact space changes by week, and we occasionally have shows out of town. Follow us on Facebook where we post up to date info and new projects. 

Nest, Eugene OR - Here you can find a small collection of our shadowboxes. 

100% Handmade

Combining multiple disciplines and techniques, Pancoast creates shadowboxes using matte paper, acrylic paint, and oak. The pieces use layers of subtle imagery and shadows to create ambiguous, yet contemplative, narratives. The narratives often depict the duality of opposites and their intrinsic connection.

  • Shadowbox - the final product of multiple disciplines; each discipline is essential in the visual narrative.
  • Pencil drawing - creates the base for the piece, sketching out structure as well as theme. Pencil drawings are then scanned and digitally refined.
  • Digital drawing - using techniques learned while studying architecture, the drawings are given distinct lines and divided into planes; this creates depth. The digitally refined drawings are then cut out of matte paper and hand painted.
  • Acrylic paint - essential in creating contrast and color, breathing vibrancy and life, and creating highlights where there would be darkness. The painted matte paper is then set into a hand built oak frame.
  • The oak frame creates an important border. The border protects the image both physically and metaphorically. Certain narratives deal with nature and have a natural frame, others depict the scenes of industry and have a painted frame, and so on.  

These disciplines and techniques come together to create one of a kind shadowboxes, each hand built and hand painted.

Art Nights and Open Mic

Checkout our Facebook page for weekly events. We are a space for the community and the arts!