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A lone set of footprints fades into the distance. 

10" x 10" x 3"

Each piece is hand painted and signed by the artist. 

Each frame is made from a single piece of oak. The wood is cut so that the grain continuously wraps around the piece. The frames are sanded by hand, stained, and lightly coated with enamel to protect the wood and give it a subtle shine. 

Original design and copyright by © shadowfox

Artist: Pancoast

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We put several hours of time into each one of our pieces. Due to our process, please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.

Combining multiple disciplines and techniques, Jason Pancoast creates shadowboxes using matte paper, acrylic paint, and oak. The pieces use layers of subtle imagery and shadows to create ambiguous, yet contemplative, narratives. The narratives often depict the duality of opposites and their intrinsic connection. 

A shadowbox is the final product of multiple disciplines; each discipline is essential in the visual narrative. 

The pencil drawing creates the base for the piece, sketching out structure as well as theme. Pencil drawings are then scanned and digitally refined. 

The digital drawing creates depth. Using techniques learned while studying architecture, the drawings are given distinct lines and divided into planes. The digitally refined drawings are then cut out of matte paper and hand painted. 

The acrylic paint is essential in creating contrast and color, creating highlights where there would be darkness. The painted matte paper is then set into a hand built oak frame. 

The oak frame creates an important border. The border protects the image both physically and metaphorically. Certain narratives deal with nature and have a natural frame, others depict the scenes of industry and have a painted frame, and so on. These disciplines and techniques come together to create one of a kind shadowboxes, each hand built and hand painted.