I've always been averse to blogs, vlogs, and especially klogs. Klogs are basically a worse version of Crocs, which says enough.

Nothing against other people creating blogs; xkcd is a goldmine, after all. Just personally, I've always felt my time would be better spent actually creating, instead of just talking about it. Your attention is valuable, and my colloquial, non sequitur writing isn't. However, due to our recent Reddit exposure, the following flood of orders, and several requests - I've made a blog to document our progress or lack thereof.

Things will generally be short and sweet. You'll get to see behind-the-scenes, works-in-progress, and oh-shit-I-fucked-that-up posts. 

There will probably be pretty pictures of art and cats, too. 

Comment, subscribe, and click the bell....wait. No, that's a different thing. Well, I have no idea how to notify you of a new blog post, which is probably for the best.