Warhol Was Surprisingly Organized

I'll keep this short because we're super busy. 

We received so many orders last month, we had to basically build a new wood shop. The old table saw just couldn't keep up, and the orbital sander was going out. 

Also, the wood shop was a mess after our last production run in December, so we needed to clean and upgrade a few tools. It seemed like a fairly quick job...

...a week later.





Someone who hated working with me because I'm basically a tornado of paint and saw dust once said "ya know, organization is efficiency." They were right!

A Song Of Sand And Wood

The laser vaporizes wood, which leaves unsightly burn. We sand very piece by hand, or at least we used to. Now that we have a drum sander, were much less likely to get carpal tunnel. 

When It Rains

Of course, after building a more efficient shop and making progress on the orders, THE FUCKING LASER QUITS WORKING. 

We installed a new tube and have another part on the way. It's been extremely frustrating and time consuming, so I apologize to everyone waiting on a piece. When the laser is up and running, hopefully in a day or two, orders will be flying out the door.

We're working about 16 hours a day, so the next post will be about how awesome everything is now that the laser is cutting and life is good, or it'll be about how we died.