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All The Things


All The Things

Well it's been a bit since my last update

This is mostly due to being constantly covered in paint and sawdust. Making all the things non stop leaves little time for fancy things like computers and bathing.

We are back up and running but still behind schedule. It took weeks to fix the laser. By the end of it I replaced the laser tube, mirrors, lens, belt, exhaust system, laser bed, display panel, and even the control board (similar to a computer mother board). At least now if there's a zombie apocalypse I could build a laser from scratch. Zombie defense laser for the win.


Thank you for not freaking out

I was kinda freaking out during the laser breakdown; every time I replaced a part another part failed. It was wonderful to have so many supportive and understanding people respond to our emails.


We're finally back to sending out 25-30 orders a week, so for those of you that ordered a while ago, the wait is nearly over.


Obviously the work is time intensive, I work about 12 hours a day. I could produce more pieces each week by painting loosely or not paying attention to detail (many people might not even notice), but that would be dishonest and undermine the entire body of work.

This is art that you could have for the rest of your life; it's made to last. I can't cut corners. The subtle blending of colors, edges sanded just slight enough to feel smooth but maintain the composition, and other minor techniques all bring the pieces to life. The pictures don't do it justice, so when you get your piece, you'll see what I mean.

Put The Things In A Box

We had custom boxes made for the wood sculpture pieces! Now we won't cut our fingers building hundreds of boxes with an x-acto knife and packaging tape that always clings to itself and you can't find the damn end every fucking time. 

So that's good.





Update on orders / When it rains it pours


Update on orders / When it rains it pours

Warhol Was Surprisingly Organized

I'll keep this short because we're super busy. 

We received so many orders last month, we had to basically build a new wood shop. The old table saw just couldn't keep up, and the orbital sander was going out. 

Also, the wood shop was a mess after our last production run in December, so we needed to clean and upgrade a few tools. It seemed like a fairly quick job...

...a week later.





Someone who hated working with me because I'm basically a tornado of paint and saw dust once said "ya know, organization is efficiency." They were right!

A Song Of Sand And Wood

The laser vaporizes wood, which leaves unsightly burn. We sand very piece by hand, or at least we used to. Now that we have a drum sander, were much less likely to get carpal tunnel. 

When It Rains

Of course, after building a more efficient shop and making progress on the orders, THE FUCKING LASER QUITS WORKING. 

We installed a new tube and have another part on the way. It's been extremely frustrating and time consuming, so I apologize to everyone waiting on a piece. When the laser is up and running, hopefully in a day or two, orders will be flying out the door.

We're working about 16 hours a day, so the next post will be about how awesome everything is now that the laser is cutting and life is good, or it'll be about how we died.